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We guarantee over 1,000 actionable consumer opinions for any shopping center

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Find out which brands consumers are asking for at a specific shopping center or trade area

Push leases forward by proving demand for certain retailers

Discover local retailers that shoppers love


Learn what local shoppers honestly think about your property's shopping experience

Prioritize investments in new amenities based on shopper input

Discover hidden issues with a certain property through natural conversation with locals


Optimize your marketing campaigns by understanding the local shopper

Leverage the millions of users on social media talking about retail real estate

Ask locals any question you'd want to know about a shopping center you are researching

Eliminate the outdated and expensive ways of getting customer feedback. (ie: customer intercepts, mass surveys, focus groups, and demographics studies.)


Let thousands of local shoppers help your due diligence process

Mitigate risk in acquiring a shopping center by uncovering all opinions and hidden issues with the asset

Compare hundreds of properties from the lenses of their shoppers

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